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Guru Karunamrutham

If everything is going as per the cycle of Karma, what is the role of Human being?

This is the question that everyone comes across in the normal life. Yes, it is true that SHE (The Mother) has proclaimed in Chandisaptasati, that She is the one who makes us do good actions when our time is good and bad actions if otherwise.

Then how can we get our self free from this infinite loop of Karma?

In the body the mind is you, and the consciousness is Mother. As long as your awareness is wedded with your consciousness, you are with Mother and free from the responsibility of the actions (Which is True in real sense) done by you.

Mana yeva kaaranam Bandha Mokshyoe.

This ever oscillating mind takes the responsibility for all the actions. Mind gets you attracted to all the mundane things and any attraction is a contamination because there is “Dvaitha” -the one which is attracted to & the one which is being attracted. Then the karma cycle pushes you through pain and pleasure. On the other hand, when ever your awareness is with your consciousness you get absorbed into it i.e., called “Unmattha”. Thus “when you are with Mind you get Attracted and when you are with Consciousness you get Absorbed.” You get free from Action & Result. You become a Witness also called “Shiva”(Drasta). It is said at the end of Lalitha Sahasranama

Shiva Saktyaika Rupini lalithambika.

When the Drasta – the Seer gets absorbed in the Drusya which is scenery (the world), then only the Mother exists.

How can we stop the Mind?

It is so powerful that it is very hard to control. Only one thing can put the mind at rest i.e., the Bhagavannama, the Name of the Mother. When you sing a lullaby the child sleeps; in the same way when you chant the name of Mother the Mind sleeps.

Why does this happen?

The world is ever changing & dynamic. When the mind is focusing on the worldly things it always attributes the nature of the world to itself and then we get a desire after desire after a desire. This state of mind can be compared to Raktabeeja(Demon). When a drop of blood from Raktabeeja falls on the ground, thousands of Raktabeejas of equal strength are born. Similarly when one desire is fulfilled, thousands of other desires will born, it is a never ending process until the guru in the form of “Kali” comes & puts this mind at rest with his/her teachings. On the other hand if your mind is focused on pure consciousness, which is stable, the mind attributes the stable nature of the consciousness to itself and becomes stable. When I say that we should chant the name of mother, it is not that we should continuously recite a Stotra or a Mantra.

Bhavanamatra Santusta Hrudayaya

-so says Lalitha in her Ashtottara satanama.

Just a mere thought and connection with a feeling that she is behind our every action and you proceed forward. By way of Upadhi, you get Peace, Stability and yet progress. When we are in the Womb of a mother, we go through Prarabdha Karma which makes us sit in an odd posture surrounded by all the dirt. Strange but true is that we were happier at that moment because we are connected to mother by an Umbilical card of the mother. But when we come out of the womb and fall on the ground the action of the mind takes place, the fear, the struggle for existence come in to the action with cutting of umbilical cord and from then onwards Doctrine of karma rules. The Jeeva moves from prarabdha karma to sanchita karma and prepares the schedule of the pain & pleasure for the next Janma by his action in the present Janma. If you recite name of the God at the time of leaving the body the which has been the shelter for many years, if, you will have a choice of either not returning to the earth or choosing the womb for the next Birth. But no one can tell when you leave the body.

voorano kaaradaveno Udakamadhyamuno epudo vidichedi eruka ledu.

Which means life is so uncertain that you may leave the body either in the town, or in forest or in the middle of the ocean. So we need to practice the chanting the Mother as frequently as possible in fact tuned to your breath.

Hamsahasoham - soham hamsaha.,

that is the only way to attain Moksha.

...To be Continued

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