Frequently asked questions

soundarya lahari trust

What is Soundarya Lahari?

Soundarya Lahari was founded in 2000 as a non-profit organization by Sri Guru Karunamaya with the blessings of his Guru, Sri Amritananda Saraswati, Founder of the Devipuram Temple in Andhra Pradesh. The vision of Soundarya Lahari is

  • Simplifying ancient vedic rituals and bringing to everyone regardless of caste, gender, religion or nationality
  • Blending spirituality with material life and enhancing both as a result
  • Promoting a clearer understanding of the importance of age old cultural traditions and thus preserving them for future generations
  • Helping individuals discover the Universal Mother within and thereby leaving a lasting legacy of fostering unity among all sentient beings for generations to come
  • Setting up Sri Vidya learning centers in Rishikesh, Bangalore and Hyderabad for imparting a curriculum based teaching of vedic knowledge and teachings

Who is Sri Guru Karunamaya?

Sri Guru Karunamaya is the direct disciple of Sri Amritananda Saraswati. He was the Pontiff of Devipuram Temple from 2007 to 2011. He left Devipuram with the permission and blessings of his Guru, Sri Amritananda Saraswati in order to spread the teachings of Sri Vidya to the world as a Pravrajika (a renunciant). He is the founder of Soundarya Lahari. Currently, he is involved with setting up Sri Vidya Learning Centers. The first learning center opened in Bangalore, India in May 2017. He has been teaching and practicing Sri Vidya for close to 40 years.

What is Sri Vidya Learning Center?

It is an institution dedicated to imparting knowledge of Sri Vidya to seekers in every part of the world. The Sri Vidya Learning Center in Bangalore will have regular workshops. These include

  • Character development, Ganapathi Mantra Deeksha, Laghu Pooja
  • Bala Mantra Deeksha, Ganapathi Tarpanam and Homam
  • Ganapathi Yantra Pooja and Rajashyamala Mantra Deeksha
  • Rajashyamala Tarpanam and Varahi Mantra Deeksha
  • Vaarahi Tarpanam and Shyama Yantra Pooja
  • Shat Chaka Japam Meditation
  • Varahi Yantra Pooja, understanding and drawing of Sri Yantra
  • Basic and advanced meditation techniques to realize the inner self
  • Nava Avarana Pooja
  • Dasha Maha Vidya workshop including Deeksha

In addition to these regularly scheduled workshops, we will also be doing the following daily activities for which all are welcome

  • Havans with Sri Vidya Mantras
  • Chanting of Lalitha Sahasranama
  • Tarpanas and yantra pooja for Ganapathi, Rajashyamala and Vaarahi for stability, prosperity and removal of negative energy
  • Discourses on Sri Vidya
  • Sri Yantra Pooja (Nava Avarana Pooja
  • Unique Kalavahana Pooja to solve marriage problems and to help childless couples

How can I register for the workshops?

Please send us an email to for more details. We will also be posting the schedule of the classes on our website. Please go to events to look at the schedule and register for various events.

Where are the Sri Vidya Learning Centers?

The first one opened in Bangalore. The address is No. 39 2nd Cross Road, Sadashivanagar, Armane Nagar, RMV extension, Bangalore 560 080. We are actively planning to open centers in Hyderabad and Rishikesh.

Are the activities free of charge?

Mantra Deeksha, attending and learning poojas at the Learning Center and discourses are always free of charge. We charge a nominal fee for the workshops to cover our costs. If you find value in our teachings, we welcome any donations in cash, kind or service. All donations will be used to further the teachings of Sri Vidya. We offer free prasadam (food offering-tasty vegetarian fare) daily to all visitors.

How can I contact Sri Guru Karunamaya?

His schedule will be posted on our website, You are welcome to drop into our center at any time. If Sri Guru Karunamaya is in residence at the center, he will gladly meet you in public or private.

Does Sri Guru Karunamaya conduct workshops elsewhere?

Over the years, he has traveled extensively in India, United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and other countries conducting workshops on Sri Vidya, teaching and conducting Sri Chakra Nava Avarna poojas, and other spiritual activities including basic and advanced meditation classes. He will continue to travel regularly. If you would like to have a Sri Vidya workshop in your area conducted by Sri Guru Karunamaya, please send us a request,

Do you sell Sri Yantra? How do I get it energized?

Please contact us for more details.

Do you sell Sri Yantra? Who can practice Sri Vidya?

Anyone can practice Sri Vidya including children. There is no restriction with regards to age, gender, creed, nationality, date and time of the year etc. It is a divine connection between you and your inner soul. There connection is already there, Sri Vidya helps us consciously uncover it.Type your paragraph here.

If there are other questions you would like more clarification on, please contact us.

Anger gives birth to more anger. Hate gives birth to more hate. Love gives birth to more love. Spread love. Be love. Lalitha is love.
— Sri Guru Karunamaya