Our Mission

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Aims of Soundarya Lahari Trust

  • Simplifying ancient Vedic rituals and bringing them within the reach of everyone irrespective of caste, gender, religion, creed or nationality
  • Clearing the separation between spiritual and material lives and enhancing both as a result
  • Bringing a greater understanding of the importance of age old cultural traditions and thus preserving them for future generations
  • Making everyone an epitome of excellence
  • Helping individuals discover the Universal Mother within and thereby leaving a lasting legacy of fostering unity among all sentient beings for generations to come
  • Setting up Sri Vidya learning centers in Rishikesh, Bangalore and Hyderabad for imparting a curriculum based teaching of Vedic knowledge and traditions
  • Promoting greater understand and togetherness of all human

Don’t just use prayer to solve your problems. Make prayer your lifestyle.
— Sri Guru Karunamaya