Here’s just a small sampling of the many events we have conducted over the years.

soundarya lahari trust


Cranbury, New jersey

We drew the world’s largest Sri Chakra (67, 400 sq ft) for promoting togetherness and a sense of community. At 108 points, simultaneous Vedic fire rituals were conducted.


Rishikesh, india

Sri Vidya tantra yoga retreat. A unique setting by the river Ganges, where Sri Guru Karunamaya conducts regular retreats aimed at seekers who want an in depth immersion into Sri Vidya.


BY the mediterrANEAN SEA, italy

Sri Vidya retreat and workshop focused on the basics of Sri Vidya and methods to bring spirituality into daily life. Similar workshops are regularly conducted around the world.


Rajahmundry, india

Equipping children with techniques to improve intellectual abilities. A unique and easy to do daily pratice or nyasa that is being imparted to school age children. A highly effective technique that was also included in a workshop for children and youth in Singapore.



Bringing the community together by drawing the Sri Yantra (ancient mystical diagram representing the human soul) and worshiping it according to Vedic principles. One of the aims of Soundarya Lahari is to simplify Vedic rituals, explain their significance in the present day context and make it enjoyable for all participants. Rather than involve priests, people from all walks of life are encouraged to conduct such events under the able guidance of Sri Guru Karunamaya.

Purposeless action and reasonless joy is divinity.

Sri Guru Karunamaya