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What you will learn in our workshops:

Sri Vidya we teach is from an authentic course. Our Param Guru, Sri Amritananda Saraswati of Devipuram imparted these rare, precious and timeless teaching to Sri Guru Karunamaya who has been traveling the world spreading this divine message. For ease of learning, Sri Vidya as taught by Sri Guru Karunamaya comprises 12 levels. 

Basic Workshop (Levels 1 & 2)

In our basic workshop, you will learn:

Principles of Sri Vidya. Questions such as what is Sri Vidya, it's origins, relavance to modern times and how it can benefit those living in the material world will be discussed. 

Techniques for effective mantra japam. Mantra japam or chanting is a very deep science that harnesses the sonic power of seed syllables that were distilled and preserved by sages of yore. We go into the depths of this science to gain a deeper understanding so you may grasp its significance and tap this source of energy. 

How to succeed in meditation. Meditation is practiced widely, but most people struggle to gain proficiency. The common pitfalls, how to overcome them and tips for an effective meditation practice are taught. 

How to cleanse body & mind. Simple techniques dating back to ancient Vedic times which help cleanse the energy channels that sustain the body and the mind are taught.

Simple nyasas to improve intellectual ability. Especially useful for children and students to enhance memory power, analytical thinking and problem solving.  

Guidelines on how to become an effective communicator. Communication is the corner stone of not just material life but also spiritual life. Techniques to improve communication that will enhance relationships, job prospects etc will be taught. 

How to worship a Sri Yantra in a simple, effective and powerful manner. There are many misconceptions about the Sri Yantra. These are clarified and we teach a simple and highly effective worship that can be completed in just 15 minutes.

Ganapati Tarpana/Homa - Ganapati Tarpana is particularly effective in removing hurdles in one's spiritual and material lives. These powerful rituals can be practiced by anyone and anywhere. 

Character Buildup. We teach how to overcome obstacles to success such as anger and stress. Time tested techniques are imparted. 

All participants who attend will receive Mantra Deeksha (transfer of Divine Mother's energy) in Ganapati and Bala Tripurasundari Mantras personally from Sri Guru Karunamaya.

Overview of other levels

In successive steps, the other modules (3-12) comprise:

Ganapati Yantra pooja & Rajashyamala mantra deeksha
Rajashyamala Tarpanam & Vaarahi mantra deeksha
Vaarahi Tarpanam & Shyama Yantra pooja
Shat chakra japam
Vaarahi yantra pooja & understanding and drawing of Sri Yantra
Meditation  techniques to  understand the inner self
Navavarana Pooja  
Dasha Maha Vidya introduction work shop including Mantras

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