Sri Vidya Learning Center

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  • For serious seekers, initiation into Sri Vidya with all the mantras
  • Teaching a unique method of worshipping the Sri Yantra called Navavarana Pooja
  • eaching the correct pronounciation of Vedic Suktams such as Sri Suktam
  • Introduction to and teaching of the Dasa Mahavidyas
  • Explore and understand cosmic forces in Sri Yantra and master the technique of worshipping the universal Mother within
  • Teaching and practice of chakra meditation to open up the chakras and ensure nadi suddhi
  • Vag devatha nyasam (activation of 8 inner communication centers) for effective communication
  • Offering daily prayers to Sri Yantra with invocation of 99 kalas (energies) for peace and prosperity in the world
  • Conducting daily fire rituals to balance the forces of nature to bring about universal harmony
  • Empowering individuals with knowledge of spiritual remedies to solve their day to day problems
  • To provide a place of solitude for seekers where they can rejuvenate their energies in a supporting and congenial environment
  • Conduct periodic workshops on Sri Vidya, a lifestyle of happiness, yoga and meditation
  • Promoting healing methods to help people with depression, negative thinking, bad habits etc. 
  • Conducting customized youth workshops that help them lead responsible and goal oriented lives. 

How to do Upasana (Sanskrit: उपासना upāsanā) or spiritual practice (click below)



typical day at the learning center


Daily activities

5.30 am to 6.00 am - Morning Aarti

6.00 am to 7.00 am - Recitation of Srividya mantras

8.30 am - 12.00 noon - Ganapati, Shyama & Varahi tarpanas & Yantra pujas

9.00 am to 12.00 noon - Navavarana puja

12.00 noon - Midday Arathi

5.00 p.m to 6.00 pm - Lalitha sahasranama and other devotional chanting and Lagu Puja.                        

7.00 pm to 8.00 pm - Homa (varies).

8.00 pm - Evening Aarathi