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Sri Vidya literally means auspicious knowledge. These teachings originated thousands of years ago during the golden period of the Vedic age. The principles of Sri Vidya are very relevant to modern times.

There is immense power that lies untapped within every individual. The human body is an off shoot of the universal creative energy or the Divine Mother principle. The science of Sri Vidya helps us realize the all pervading power of the Universal Mother within whose main quality is supreme love and bliss.

By understanding the true self through the teachings of Sri Vidya, life automatically becomes disciplined and there is freedom from miseries and sorrows. Life is gratefully accepted as is and the realization dawns that there is no difference between the individual and the all pervading universal energy.

There are many aspects to this science including knowledge of traditional rituals and the understanding of their inner significance. Every step of Sri Vidya has a deeper meaning, ultimately geared towards liberation from the never ending cycles of birth and rebirth, joys and sorrows.

Sri Vidya teaches us that change has to come from within the individual instead of expecting that to happen in the external world.

Sri Vidya seamlessly integrates ancient dharmic (virtuous) principles with the modern way of life.

The transformation obtained through the practice of Sri Vidya benefits not just the individual but also the society by enhancing universal qualities of unconditional love, gratitude to Mother Nature and forgiveness in all human beings.

Our Mission

soundarya lahari trust

  • Simplifying ancient Vedic rituals and bringing them within the reach of everyone irrespective of caste, gender, religion, creed or nationality
  • Clearing the separation between spiritual and material lives and enhancing both as a result
  • Bringing a greater understanding of the importance of age old cultural traditions and thus preserving them for future generations
  • Making everyone an epitome of excellence
  • Helping individuals discover the Universal Mother within and thereby leaving a lasting legacy of fostering unity among all sentient beings for generations to come
  • Setting up Sri Vidya learning centers in Rishikesh, Bangalore and Hyderabad for imparting a curriculum based teaching of Vedic knowledge and traditions
  • Promoting greater understand and togetherness of all human

Consistent and dedicated practice of srividya euips one with:

soundarya lahari trust

  • Positive qualities that aid in the experience of oneness with the universal stream of energy
  • Self confidence to achieve one’s goals
  • Techniques to enjoy a blissful life within the framework of daily reponsibilities
  • Remedies to improve interpersonal relationships
  • A transformation that positively impacts physical and mental health