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September 3, 2018
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Sri Yantra

Many people have been asking questions about Sri Yantram. What is Sri Yantram, what are the benefits, what is the cost and do we have to do the Sri Yantra Pooja daily and things like that. Most of the questions are answered daily by me in our Pravachanas. Sri Yantra is the centralization of cosmic force in the form of a three-Dimensional figure. Yantras are two types – Bhu-Prastaraand Meru. What we are getting is the Meru, in which fourty four konas are there, nine enclosures are there, and hundred and two deities including Ayudha devatasare there. All are done with prana-pratishta in the Mahotsav.

When the Sri Chakram comes to our house, it comes with the complete cosmic force. For that sake, we do not need to fear. Because, depending on the metal – panchaloha with which now the Sri Chakra is made, and also the power of the Upasaka or Guru who is doing the prana-pratishta, Sri Chakram will have the inherent power ranging from fifty years to five hundred years. That means whether you do Pooja or not, it will protect you – keeping it in an auspicious place.

But having said that, once you do the Pooja daily for fifteen minutes – we will also send the script, we have already given the script many number of times.

But still, all those who are willing to get the Sri Yantram we’ll send the script depending on your language of preference – Telugu or English – and the follow the script, it takes 15 minutes of your valuable time. Believe me, if you spare fifteen minutes, the Sri Chakram will take care of entire generation.

What I am today, I owe to my mother Lalitha, Latithaparameshwari, Lalithasahasranamam, Sri Yantram, Sri Yantra Pooja.

What is the benefit?

Well we cannot expect benefit from any spiritual ritual. Sometimes mind wanders here and there. So, when the Sri Chakram comes to your house – in fact, Sri Chakram will not come unless you are destined to have it. We may be having money. But still, before we get that, some doubt will come. Some person will raise – oh you will have to get Deeksha, you have to have madi, acharam, and then you will be scared to buy that. Or even if you get it, something – normal thing will happen – a slight headache will come, and the mind will start thinking “Oh My God! Sri Chakram is the reason for the headache!” and the neighboring person will also support that and you will try to lose the Sri Yantram as fast as possible.So, this is all Maya.

So, all those people who are getting the Sri Yantram are destined in the past janmas, to have the Universal Mother in their house in the form of Yantra which is much more powerful than the Roopa. Roopa – is physical attraction may be there. Yantra – you will have to focus a lot to get the concentration. So once it comes, it establishes bond between a husband and wife. Harmony in the house. Children – whether you take…err.. your efforts are there or not, they will progress a lot. Depending on your past karmas, there will not be any dearth of money in your house. When I say money, it is not the amount of money. It is the amout of joy you are getting from the money. And then DharmikaChintana. Bhakti, Gyana, Vairagya. All these things will thrive in the house where Sri Yantram is there. As per Markendeya Purana, Brahmanda Purana all the puranas, having a look at the Sri Yantram itself is a blessing in the whole life. Imagine having a Sri Yantra in your house!

Do we have to do the Pooja daily?

The answer is – “Do we have to breathe daily? Do we have to eat daily? Do we have to bathe daily?” We are doing all these things, spending 15 minutes for the Universal Mother, who is going to protect for generations, we should not think much about that.

And, many times I have told, we should not think – “Do we have to?”It should always be “I cannot remain survive/I cannot remain silent without doing the Pooja.”

And fifteen minutes Pooja, we are going to send the scripts in both Telugu and English, depending on the choice of preference for all those people who are getting the Sri Yantra, and it quite simple. Anybody can do just a single mantra and Khadgamala recital. And audio is also there – Khadgamala in Youtube – you can just download and play it.

Another question is –Ladies, when they have the monthly periods, do they have to do the Pooja?

Depending on your cultural limitations and family limitations, you may or may not do. But preference is always – do the japam, and ask someone in the house to do the Pooja. If you don’t have the co-operation, just leave it. But before leaving, remove all the flowers on the Peetham, so that they don’t get spoiled within the 5 days.

Do we have to take the Sri Yantra when we are going out?

Yes and No. I take my Mother and Sri Yantra along with me wherever I go, including the foreign countries. Because, I cannot leave my mother. You may take because it doesn’t occupy much space or much weight. But in case if you are leaving it, again as I told, leave a light – an electrical bulb – continuously lit in that Pooja room and also clean the Pooja room of all the flowers and other things, because before you come they should not be spoiled and they should not get any smell.

And what is the Naivedyam?

The best Naivedyam is milk in a silver glass, with couple of spoons of honey and a pinch of edible camphor. Which we can afford, everybody. So, that is the thing.

Do we have to offer Naivedyam daily?

Whatever you cook for your daily food, you can offer it also.

And can we eat non-vegetarian?

If your family tradition and kulachara suggests non-vegetarian food, that is fine. But then, non-vegetarian food produces Tamasic energy, as everybody knows. So it’s always better to reduce the non-vegetarian food in our lives.

And also, do we need to follow Brahmacharyam?

When Sri Chakram is going to be in our house for ever, nobody can follow that. It is nothing like that. Amma is coming to our house to give us happiness, to see us happily married and enjoying the marital bliss. So no, absolutely no Bhoo-shiram, Brahmacharyam or no strict restrictions. Just enjoy, relax and again, don’t forget – unless we are destined, She may not come to our house. Once She comes, She will not leave us.

So, that is the truth, any other thing, any doubts please do not hesitate to ask me. We are going to send the script also, along with the information typed to you all in a few days.