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Srividya Saadhana?

Srividya means auspicious knowledge. These teachings originated thousands of years ago during the golden period of the Vedic age. The principles of Srividya are very relevant to modern times.

There is an immense power that lies untapped within every individual. The human body is an offshoot of the universal creative energy or the Divine Mother principle. The science of Srividya helps us realize the all-pervading power of the Universal Mother within whose main quality is supreme love and bliss.

By understanding the true self through the teachings of Srividya, life automatically becomes disciplined, and there is freedom from miseries and sorrows. Life is gratefully accepted, and the realization dawns that there is no difference between the individual and the all-pervading universal energy.

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Sri Gurubhyo Namah

Sri Guru Karunamaya

Sri Guru Karunamaya has been practising and teaching Srividya for the last 40 years. A world-renowned spiritual master, Guruji travels tireless, spreading the sacred Vedic science of Srividya.

Sri Guru Karunamaya is the founder of non-profit organisations, Srividya Learning Centre in India and Soundarya Lahari in the United States. Under Guruji’s direct guidance, regular workshops are conducted online and in person. Participants receive Mantra deeksha (initiation) directly from Guruji. As part of the Srividya module, participants are also taught essential life-transforming skills.

Guruji also simplified powerful Vedic rituals, bringing them to the reach of the masses, regardless of caste, social status or religion, while also explaining their meaning and purpose.

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The SVLC Trust enthusiastically assumes a pivotal role in actively engaging with a variety of socially responsible activities

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The search for happiness is a universal quest. Everyone experiences happiness in one form or another in our lives. However, only a few have tasted lasting happiness and even fewer experience permanent happiness that is independent of the world. Sri Vidya is the ancient Vedic Science that teaches us how to lead a lifestyle and a lifetime of bliss.

~ Sri Guru Karunamaya

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There are many misconceptions about Srividya practices. In this section,Sri Guru Karunamaya answers some frequently asked questions about Srividya saadhana.

No issues. Anybody can learn as long as they have Bhakthi and Shraddha. There are no restrictions on food. However, it is always good to restrict tamasic food like non vegetarian for good Srividya practice.

Sri Vidya is a way of life. It helps in paving the path for a smoother lifestyle and also in maintaining healthy relationships with others. It is a lifestyle where the seeker learns to accept the world as is. It helps us or teaches us to live in the moment with complete energy, awareness, and above all joy independent of the external environment.

As long as you can spare at least 2 hrs for practise with dedication and devotion you can progress in Srividya, However in Srividya you should always have only one guru.If you received similar mantras from another Srividya Guru, it is better to be with your Guru instead of changing the guru and different paths may confuse you.

You need not postpone your participation, because of this issue. You can still attend the class which is only online but you can take the deeksha after the class.

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Saadhakas Testimonials

Srividya is a journey into self-discovery. It’s a lifestyle of happiness. Thousands of Saadhakas have experienced rejuvenated interest in their life and work after attending our workshops. Apart from helping saadhakas in their spiritual journey, Srividya transformed them fundamentally as human beings.

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Srividya Jnaana Peetham published Guruvaani Spiritual Monthly Newsletter in English & Telugu in digital format.

Each issue has a divine message from Sri Guru Karunamaya, a unique Saadhana method revealed by Guruji, Simple remedies to everyday problems, information on temples associated with Srividya Saadhana, Q & A by Guruji section, Experiences of Srividya Saadhakas, information on past events, festivals & celebrations and upcoming Guruji tour itinerary, Srividya class schedule and calendar of important events.

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